Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Reply SMS

Reply sms in Marathi

Send this 2 ur fRieNdz and c wHat 3 numBerS theY Send to u showen how they feeL abt Ya

1= I like you
2= I love you
3= You're funny
4= You're cool
5= I don't really care for your personality
6= I wanna be you
7= You're sexy
8= You have a nice body
9= I hate you
10= You're boring
12= You have an awesome personality
13= I want a kiss
14= I wanna be your best friend
15= I want to go out with you
16= I'm looking for a relationship with you
17= be wit me
18= you're cute
19= I don’t know you well enough
20= I want you in my life
21= lets give it another try
22= I can forgive you lets try it!
23= no one can ever replace u
24= being your friend is really great
25= u never change
26= u silly as hell
27= I miss u
28= I want u and only u
29= can we just make up for old time sake!
rply is must


 Choose 3 color for me and reply is must
i m waiting for ur reply

 Orange : U r jus ok…….theek thak
 Silver : U r a time pass
 Pink : U r my fren
Yellow : U r ma best fren & a secret sharer
 Peach : U r no one special 2 me… YOU SWEETY
 Black : I hate u
 Red : I love u... YOU SWEETY
 White : U r slowly becumin a fren
 Dark Pink : U r an irritating person
 Copper : U r sumthing more thn a fren 2 me( I like u) YOU SWEETY
 Purple : Ur company is pleasant
 Gold : I jus luv ur style….muaahhh
 Blue : U fill the place my sis/bro
Green : U r a chipkoo, stay away frm me….
 Brown : U r jolly n vry ntertainin(funny)
 Turquiose : Stay away frm me…I m falling in love wid u…
Sea Green : U r 2 sweet 2 b 4gotten