Friday, 11 October 2013

Download Modi Run Android Game APK Free | Narendra Modi

Modi Run Android Game APK Free : the new sensation in the world of gamers

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Its been a long time industrialists have been investing on the popularity of Hollywood and Bollywood stars . This  is the first time in history of India  the something popularity of politician has been used .The game has been developed by US based developers  named Dexati.

After the lot of gossips about the Smart Namo Phone , now there  is something new to gossip  about  .yes I am talking about new game termed as modi run basically derives its name from our new political sensationof country.

Download Modi Run Android Game APK Free:

If you want to enjoy  some new thrill and excitement other than Temple Run and Mario Series then you can download it from the link below.

modi run

Developer of the Game:

This game has been developed very similar to temple run game .I hope you must have heard about it ,let us know how it looks similar .

In  temple run as the person runs to save himself from chimpanzee, in the  game of Modi Run he is running to be the next Prime Minister of the nation .

Do not  think that this game is completely based on temple run theme it looks like that but its based on Mario Series .

Cause of its popularity of Modi Run : 

This game presnt  Indian  politics in new format. 

Gengenerally in  public its a common wish to change the ruling government as per our wish, same is in this game you have got a chance to change the prime minister  of India by providing more than 272 seats in this game 

The difficulty level of the game increases as per the current situations of his party Bhartiya Janta Party
for example the situation of bjp in Uttar Pradesh is not so good, so the difficulty level  here increases to maximum whereas in Gujarat ,Maharashtra you feel less difficulty level

Special features of Modi Run Android Game:

 This may  help youth to get attracted towards politics of India. While playing a game  you will find obstacles in form of states such as Gujarat ,Maharashtra  etc.

You  can judge the difficulty level if you have  certain  information about the Indian  Politics

The character  modi has been given  certain powers to jump off the obstacles  and collecting diamonds  during his run towards the  ballot box.

Conclusion Of Modi Run Game:

The game has got awesome taste of risk,fun ,decisions ,speed,and ambition 

This game may not be interesting for a long time to the youngsters as some other game may strike the market any time but this will surely has an impact over the mind of the young generation to take activepart in Politics.