Friday, 7 September 2012

Rohan Rokade winner of Boogie Woogie

Rohan Rokade : Mumbaikar

Rohan Rokade, a fantastic dancer and choreographer, started his journey with only one thing in mind i.e. dances. He had dreams in his eyes to become the best dancer in the business, but unfortunately, he didn't get enough support from family members to pursue dancing as a career.

However, Rohan had an idea of what he was doing and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve in the life. With his passion and efforts, he got selected in a local dance group, and that's where his journey began as a professional dancer.

While practicing along with this group, he went on to perform abroad in an Adnan Sami's singing show. Even though he was performing on that trip as a dancer, his sharp mind quickly noticed a relatively new dance form called 'Hip Hop', which used to be performed only in Western countries.

Of course, now everyone knows about this dance form. But in those days, Indian viewers and dancers were not much aware of the Hip Hop dance form. Rohan learnt the basics of Hip Hop during his tour, and then started performing in India.

Rohan & group on streets :

After coming back to India from the foreign trip, he formed his own dance group, Rohan and Group, along with a bunch of guys who had similar passion for the dance. It wasn't easy for him to manage a group without the much needed financial support, but he didn't lose hopes and continued his practice in 225 sq. ft. room in Nalasopara. Eventually after tons of efforts, their group managed to win Boogie Woogie, a widely popular dance reality show, for five times in a row.

Rohan and Group have showcased its talent in different TV reality shows, award functions and college festivals, and their dancing performances have been praised by many leading choreographers and celebrities from the industry. The group has struggled a lot in early days, but now people have started recognizing them because of their grand performances.

Rohan have completed his project as a coriographer of marathi movie " Aayna ka bayna "  which has directed by Samit kakkad. 

Here are the some dance videos of Rohan Rokade :

Rohan N Group ShowReel :

Gladiator Group with Rohan Rokade  :